fashion / an ode to silky pants

i am all about comfort., especially living in a city where i walk everywhere.  over the past year i have basically eliminated all jeans from my everyday-wear. the other day i tried wearing one of my few pairs remaining, my hudsons that i always thought were so juicy and comfortable, and realized that they are really just the worst. whoever said jeans were cozy or relaxing were dead wrong. 

luckily over the past year silky and cotton pants have really made an appearance, and have completely filled my closet. they have changed my life. not only are they super inexpensive, they come in so many different colors and prints.  i am so happy to wear them around town and not be bothered by pants that are too tight or stiff. i love that the ankles cut style shows off my shoes and that i get to tuck all of my shirts in. i know this post is completely pathetic, but i am just so happy that i have been liberated from jeans and have found a new and better side to wearing pants. rather than wearing dresses and skirts every day, i get to take on an even more sophisticated look.

thank you, silky pants, for improving my quality of life. 


what i'm wearing: blue pants with black stripe from target, for $6. for some reason on the site they are $9. i also got the leopard pair and am so happy about it. steve madden leopard loafers. target pink skinny belt, which is on sale for $4.50. madewell kensington satchel. my shirt was on sale at anthro a few months ago, and my scarf was one of the few things i bought in italy.

 **this post was made possible by my mom, who purchased the pants and mailed them to me.