photo shoot / fairy in the forest


i found this sequin/tutu dress at the rack, and had to have it. because who doesn't need more tutu dresses that are kind of ridiculous. i know it will come in handy one day, just you wait. there will be an event and it will be perfect. until then, it will probably remain hanging cutely on my dress rack. at least it's pretty to look at.

for this shoot with my sister, sydney, we wanted a woodlands-y fairy feel. we opted for little make-up, no shoes, and a simple pearl bracelet as the only accessory. the dress doesn't need much to look awesome. neither does syd- could she get any tanner? you will get to know her, because she is probably my favorite model. 

i used my 'nifty-fifty' , my first prime lens and my only other lens besides the 'kit lens' (hopefully my collection will be expanding in the near future, i'm taking donations:). i did a little editing in lightroom, but nothing major, mostly because I haven't learned how to do much. regardless, I loved the way the shoot turned out, it reminds me of my engagements at griffith park in la. i hope to find more locations like this when we move back to california.