kim's backyard wedding / designed by bobette


my mom did all of the decorations for a wedding last night and it looked awesome! i got to be her assistant and helped make her vision come to life. this wedding was super low-budget, but had a major impact. basically we only used things that we already had, the only things that we actually bought for the decorations were the balloons. we used painted pink doors from my wedding as the tables, and centered most of the cuteness around that. we had a tall pole and strung lights down to our balloon lollipops. balloons are the best tools for creating a fabulous look at hardly any cost. we used shepherds hooks for the 'lollipops', and hung ribbons and flowers from them as well. for the food sections we created a balloon ceiling that was seriously awesome! 


the lady that made it all happen. the entry way.

the gifts bed, yes that is a bedframe. 


the seating/eating areas. this is what tipped the wedding over the edge. and how awesome is rachel's backyard! it was so nice of her to let us use it!


we painted doors all different shades of pink for my wedding, and the brides father made legs for them. they are so much cuter than your typical wedding tables!


we used furniture from our house for a lot of the areas. the floral couch was a hit, and that purple velvet couch that we borrowed added so much! 


for food, we had a salsa bar, tacos, and a treats station. we loved the symmetry of the salsa bar! 


the balloon ceiling was my main project. we made clusters of 5 balloons, and the connected all of them on 3 strands. it took a while, but was so worth it! oh, and it was thanks to sydney that all of the balloons got pumped up. if you notice that she has one stronger arm, it was from this! 


we made tons of tassels to hang in our oversized frame using tissue and tulle. 


the beautiful sunset matched the colors of the evening. such a lovely wedding!