my wedding / the party

i am trying so hard to limit the number of pictures i put in this post, but i love all of them for different reasons. our wedding was the biggest party ever. i still have people tell me that ours was the most fun reception they have ever been to. and i believe them. i don't generally like to brag about things, but i feel like i can brag about this one.  

i'll start with pictures of the temple, and then my wedding party, and then the wedding party . it might get borderline inappropriate.

{click on the picture if you'd like to see it bigger} 


us leaving the temple. our two families. two generations of four sisters.

our wedding party at the temple. me and paul (i love this picture... paul came up to me and awkwardly said 'so, are we supposed to take a picture together now'). the groomsmen- somehow they photograph surprisingly well.

Jarman Wedding_101-12.jpg
Jarman Wedding_102-13.jpg

the classic san diego temple pictures. and jarman- how handsome can he get? check out that swagger. 

our bridesmaids and groomsmen. and still our best friends. we all grew up in temecula, it's cool.

jarman and the girls. me and the boys. us and heaton (i laugh every time i look at that picture). my dress.

our bartenders. our band (i could not love brandon's face more in this picture). the art of silhouette making.

cutting the cake. the ugliest laughing you have ever seen, me and my mom are making the same face! our first dance (you can see our cute movie projected on the side!) 

the groomsmen surprised us with a flash mob! the start of the dancing. big dave being moshed. paul doing the bernie for my sisters' 14 year old friends- this photo has become infamous

more dancing. casey caught the garter, to paul's dismay. 

Jarman Wedding_392-50.jpg
Jarman Wedding_393-51.jpg

we did another 'flash mob', although most people were expecting it. the music kept stopping, which explains the screaming... 

more dancing. my parents: gone wild. 'swing swing' dedicated to tressa. the cutest little boys you've ever seen.

and finally, the grand exit. 

for those of you who made it to the end of this post, i'm truly impressed. i promise to be more concise in the future, but this was my glory day and i like to relive it as often as possible.