fashion / tulle and tutus

i have long been a fan of all things pretty, which first and foremost includes layered tulle tutu skirts. while these types of looks seem unobtainable for everything but the specialist of occasions, i have found ways to wear these fancy skirts and dresses on a day-to-day basis.

for my look i used a bcbg petticoat that i got at the rack, which way too cute to be covered up. because it was so see-through i put my black cotton mini from h&m underneath (don't worry, i only wear it under things, never on its own!).  my top is vintage from an antique store. my shoes were stolen out of my mom's closet, they are from anthro; the earrings are also from anthro. i was too lazy to do anything with my hair, so i did my favorite high bun, threw on some hot pink lipstick, and felt adequately put together. 

this was actually my first day of work outfit in d.c., and i liked that it was super different from your typical black-pencil-skirt workwear (don't get me started on modern day workwear, it makes me want to rant).  i didn't feel overly fancy, just enough to feel almost like a princess. i think it helped that i was wearing more neutral colors, and had a few small pops with the shoes, earrings, and lipstick. the outfit is comfy and not stuffy, the platforms are comfortable and easy to get around in, and my hair was easy enough to do that i could sleep in a little. that's my kind of look!