7 months with jay!

i can hardly believe that jay is 7 months old! every time i see clothes that want to buy for him that wouldn't fit i get sad! (you can see what one of my favorite parts about being a mom is- being in charge of dressing another person!) jay is starting to figure things out and jarman and i are scared for what's going to happen when he is mobile. it's right around the corner i can tell! he grabs everything every second of the day. he is way more interested in anything that is not a toy (especially water bottles, paper bags, my diet cokes). we took him out to brunch the other day and the only thing he wanted to do was throw everything we put in front of him off the table. it was kind of adorable. jay recently discovered how to jump and wants to jump any time someone holds him. he takes assisted steps holding our hands, but is no where close to crawling. he can scoot around a little bit though. he practices sitting up but is a little too wiggly to do it for more than a minute on his own. he refuses to lay down any more and is constantly straining his neck to sit up. he loves his baby food and would eat all day long if i let him (as long as there is some sort of fruit in there, he's not in to plain vegetebles yet). he gives the best kisses and loves to bite my shoulder. he has his two bottom teeth which are rarely seen because he usually has his tongue out and covering them. he puts everything in his mouth. we have been working on getting him to sit and relax with us. i used to be totally against him watching tv but now in the mornings we try to cuddle with him and watch disney movies but he only lasts 10 minutes tops. he loves when i scratch his back or legs or head, and is ticklish all over (he for sure got that from me). jarman and i are completely obsessed with him and stay up at night talking about they cute things he does, watching videos of him, and imitating him.