beach bridal session / brandon + kim

i did this bridal session over thanksgiving break and am so in love with it. not only do i love the people (it's my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law), but look at how amazingly pink that sky was! it was a happy accident that we ended up at the beach later than planned and were there at a later time than usual. typically i would have packed up an left by this point (the sun was just about down), but we couldn't pass up that cotton candy sky! 

we started at the san diego lds temple for their first look and some pictures with the temple itself. their first look was adorable, brandon rode blindfolded the entire way and waited patiently while kim got set up. then i guided him over to the right spot and the look on his face was just so happy. i just love weddings.

^^^i can't figure out why but i think this is my favorite shot from the session. i was a practice shot as they were setting up but i love it the most!