entertaining / our christmas dining table

i have shown you lots of ideas on how to create the perfect holiday table here and here, but this is how we are actually decorating our christmas table. somehow having the dining room table always set makes everything feel so much fancier. in a good way of course.

for the table we went with a green and gold theme, with black and white and a few hints of pink. we started with a black and white tablecloth (which was really just a giant piece of fabric, the edges aren't even hemmed. remember, we said to get creative!) we layered in a solid emerald runner (from ikea). for the place settings, we used our favorite gold chargers, topped with black and white damask plates and green flowered salad plates. we were also so excited to pull out our new gold rimmed glasses, courtesy of the salvation army. the centerpiece was a cluster of vases filled with garden roses and rosemary, tea lights and glitter. our favorite part was the pomegranates on the plates, they added such a nice contrasting color. of course we only had two pomegranates at the time so we filled in with grapefruits. we didn't spend a dime creating this table, we only used thing we had or could cut from our garden. let's see what you can pull together for your holiday table!