Weddings / the gilberts backyard tent

we had a wedding in our backyard two days after christmas. meaning that my mom was doing things non-stop for like 2 weeks. on top of that, we had cousins come to visit in the middle of the wedding, which she had to clean for. she is crazy. 

the wedding was our best family friends' eldest son, dane. i love getting ready for weddings almost as much as i love the wedding itself. to me it is so much fun having all our closest friends get together to make something so pretty. i feel like there is this wedding crew that somehow always gets roped in to every event. my mom is usually on the list, and sometimes i get to tag along. love it.

we got a big tent for this wedding, cover the whole back yard, and another for the side yard. we were uncertain about the weather, because it was december, so we had lots of heaters just in case (which we didn't end up using, i love california). we used the door tables again, and changed up the planters on our patio to be more seasonal. we had lots of pretty lights, and still had a gorgeous chevron floor that makes everything so much prettier.

the entryway may have been my favorite area. we started with the lanterns that led to the walkway. just inside the gate was the gifts table. we used our big empty frame to create one of the cutest garland collections, inspired by this pin that i'm sure you all have seen. the flowers and that pink door added to the whole ensemble.

down the walkway we had shepherds hooks with adorable ikea planters with candles, and lighting across the top. at the end was the sign in table. we reused tissue flowers from another event and hung them on curtains with a chandelier. add in a cute green table and some flowers- mint.


i love that first picture of the big tent. in the center we used tulle puff-balls and white paper lanterns, and hung lights all down the center. in the planter boxes we put freshly clipped leyland cyprus, and floated some candles on water. i love the green that it added to the scene. the pink door tables were topped with wood flower boxes (made by lance), which were filled with beautiful greenery and peonies and roses (done by cindy's awesome sisters). we added a few tea lights in mercury glass vases just to add to the mood.

the cake table was backed by curtains and doily garland. we hung a chandelier and some wood branches above, complete with ribbons (which were added to just about everything). on the table we used a tablecloth that had been made for another wedding, along with that awesome cupcake stand (by the hjelmstads). there were tons of delicious flavors of cupcakes and a cute little cake on top. we added flowers and greenery to the base and the cake.

for the food tables (phil's was served by the way, amazing) we used curtains and more branches. we hung little terrariums and glass jars with candles from the vases. last minute we got some citrus trees that i want to keep in my room i love them so much.

for the party tent (everyone needs a party tent) we criss-crossed lights and used big silver stars. for some reason we had a box of streamers, so we hung them making the cutest backdrop ever, would you have ever known those were streamers? i don't know why we don't do that for every party, rather than your normal streamer uses (doorways, twisted along the ceiling, etc).

all in all it was such a fun wedding and party to be at, and not bad to look at either. thanks to everyone who helped to make it awesome!