pumpkin patching

it has been a while since i have posted pictures of jay on here- which is for shame because he is freaking adorable right now. i can admit that right? like half the time i try my hardest to not be one of those obsessive moms who is constantly shoving in your faces how cute her kid is, but most of the time i do (60% of the time every time?). i feel like i post so much of jay on instagram he doesn't need to be all over my blog too. but i love these pictures from the pumpkin patch because it was just such a perfect night and hopefully a tradition that we will do every year.

we met up with our friends at bates nut farm. i had no idea what to expect and figured that since we were going on a 99 degree day in driving and hour in the middle of traffic hour that it would be a major bust. but it was totally cute and everything to do there was free. we took jay to the petting zoo where he made some really close encounters with touching the animals (but being the animial-o-phobe that i am didn't really let him actually touch them.) we watched kids lose it on the pony rides (another activity that i doubt any of my kids will ever do #psychomom). and then we walked around and looked at massive pumpkins and picked out a few to bring home. it was all around a good time!