fashion / last days of summer

labor day was a little depressing for me, i'm not going to lie. don't get me wrong- i had an awesome day and went to a bbq with my favorite people. it just means that summer is coming to a close, and fast. for me this means less beach days, which is probably the biggest bummer of all (well, that might not be true; san diego is pretty much gorgeous year round). however, this year i am looking forward to fall fashion much more than usual because my little hot-blooded and pregnant self can't handle the heat, which greatly limits my clothing options. i'm ready to be able to layer, and wear pants and hats and jackets.

anyways, i just wanted to share one last summery look modeled by syd. we actually took these pictures back in january (that's california for you). but i have been saving them for just the right time, and i think this is it. she is wearing an old chambray dress from jcrew, a hat that was purchased for $2 from target, my favorite coral seychelles heels, and the best lipstick in the world.