introducing jay dodger jarman!

we had a baby!! he is now 2 weeks old and we are still figuring out the whole newborn thing- but we are way too obsessed with him. jay was born on saturday, november 29th at 2:37 am after a 28 hour induction. i'm working on writing up his birth story- but the version i have written down is way too long and detailed. i'll post a pared down version soon! 

jay is probably the cutest and squishiest baby ever. he was 8 lbs 6 oz- way bigger than expected. he is actually a really good baby for the most part- he sleeps 4-6 hours every night. he does have his fussy times in the evenings- but from what i've heard its normal (as a new mom i'm pretty much worried and freaked out by everything he does so i've been asking my mom and google lots of fun newborn questions). we are cuddling on the couch right now actually. i'm hoping to get all of the blog posts that i have photographed up this week- but who knows if that will happen when all i want to do is kiss my baby's face! here are some iphone pics of his first week of life. i'm trying to get better about taking pictures of him with my real camera. don't worry- there will be no shortage of pictures of this guy!