jay's first trip to disneyland!

i took jay to disneyland for the first time yesterday and it was so much fun. I was a little nervous about how he would do because he's not a huge fan of the stroller and generally loves to run away from me as much as possible. plus i was going without jarman and was worried about navigating the tram and everything by myself. the whole day went super smoothly and jay was an angel! he chilled in his stroller without whining. took a two hour nap. loved the rides and the parade. it also helped that we were with 5 of my other mom friends so i wasn't doing all of it alone! i'm so excited that we will have passes for the rest of this year, i'm sure we will put them to good use!

i had my heart set on taking him on the carousel and i really wanted to get an awesome picture of the carousel swirling around him. of course i didn't have much room and got in trouble for standing backwards. so i didn't get my dream shot (yet, i haven't given up yet!) but that face on the right! whatttt????

reese and jay loved dancing in line together:)

how cute is it's a small world! maybe if i ever have a girl i will put this in her room. also, i think i'm going to start selling prints on my site!! i need to get it all set up but i'm so excited!

my dress got shorter and shorter as the day went on. oops!

the ridiculous amount of strollers and babies! i love all of these people!

jay and reese are going to get married, it has been decided.

i brought my wildbird carrier and it was awesome! i love how comfy and easy it is to use. bonus points because this carrier is named the jay!

so many emotions in one picture!!

these three dancing at the parade! jay may have liked the speaker behind us more than the actual parade!

JAY's OUTFIT: Mickey mouse shirt, jean shorts, high tops, mickey ears,

MY OUTFIT: nude sandals, dress (similar)