jay's nursery makeover

jay's room was one of the first things i finished in our house when we moved in over 1.5 years ago. i did a few different posts back then (my inspiration, it's finished!). i didn't change many of the big details of the room, just the little accents that would make it feel a little refreshed and some functional changes now that he has gotten a little older.

when i originally did the room i started with the color blocked walls, added in rose gold accents with the curtain rods, and hand painted my ikea crib slats. i used lockers found in jarman's grandpa's garage (which we still find bullets in ??) and topped it with an ikea desk to turn it into a changing table. i got the hanging baskets from homegoods to hold diapers and wipes for easy changing. i hung bright lab lights over the crib as a mobile.


i moved one of the hanging baskets and attached it to the side of the lockers to hold all of his lotions and things we use for changing him. it was getting really difficult to control his kicking and all of the stuff that was sitting on the changing was constantly falling off. i added the cutest bubbles print from minted above the changing table. i loved that it had the option for a rose gold frame because it accented the rest of the room so well. 

i changed out the rocking chair which was hardly ever used for a little play table and chair for jay. i had seen a ghost chair like that at the moma years ago and knew i had to have one when i had a toddler. luckily they sell them on amazon. jay prefers to stand rather than sit on it, but we haven't had any accidents yet!

our old rug was a $20 thin one from ross that was really dirty and difficult to clean. we upgraded to this rugs usa tribal pattern one that is super soft and perfectly accents everything else in the room! i love that it doesn't move like the old one did. i was hesitant to get a shag rug but it doesn't shed, hides more of the dirt, and is super easy to clean. 

i moved most of his clothes into the closet because he loves to pull things off the hangers when he wakes up from his naps or when he doesn't want to go down for naps. that light was originally hanging above the changing table but jay pulled it out of the wall (when he was 6 months!). this room still needs help with light so i moved it to the bar. i guess you could say that most of the changes we made were because jay had ruined what we had previously done!

that constellation print is another work from minted and i love it! jay is a sagittarius: i loved that i could customize it so that it is even more meaningful for him. i played around with the styling of the shelf for so long. little details like that are so hard for me i second guess everything i do! i added the panda because that was the first stuffed animal we bought for jay (jarman said that he wanted to sleep with it every night so that jay would know his smell haha). i put the little oh joy party hat that we used for pictures the day he was born. 

^^the chicken planter is in the best colors and was SO necessary for this room!

i loved these sheets from little wife power house they are such a cute print! i added in a little pop of orange with the blanket.

^^ this is how i usually find him after his naps! is he going to climb out soon?? should i be nervous!