my bedroom makeover / it's finished!


i am so excited to share the pictures from our bedroom (and my whole family is ready for me to be done talking about it- they keep telling me i'm putting way to much thought in to the smallest room ever!). but, this small room is home for the next few months and i want it to feel like it. plus, whatever i get for this room will carry over to our next place (until i get sick of everything again, of course). anyways, sorry if i overload you on pictures of my room- they all looked so awesome it was hard to trim them back.

{ps. find the before pictures here}


the desk area:

we started out with this same desk top from ikea, but in the smaller size. then we started buying the pieces to add to it (the drawers and shelf), and realized we needed the bigger desk. i got the glossy table top- which was totally worth the extra ten dollars. we painted the legs and brackets gold (with spray paint from home depot). i found that amazing chair at a thrift store and covered it with blue velvet that i got at a fabric store in san diego. most of the desk accessories are from target's clearance sections from the past couple of months (it's dangerous living only 1 minute away from target). 

hanging above the desk is my pendant from world market that i got from my bridal shower and still love. it is combined with my west elm terrarium and ikea planter (that i may have macramé-d myself- i'm super craftsy these days). next to the desk are ikea shelves with some of our collection of books. the curtains are actually shower curtains from west elm (we got them for our old house and still love them!)


the bed:

so we used our bed frame that we got from west elm when we first got married, but added a headboard. somehow when we went out to a sketch storage unit in santee with our friend, we found this amazing headboard and the guy sold it to us for $20! i was so excited. i was originally wood, and apparently a very funky wood because every time we tried to spray paint or just paint it little bubbles would come up. so jarman painted, sanded, and repainted that baby about 5 times. he was so sweet- he promised he would fix it as many times as he needed to for me to like it. and i love how it turned out. we had our gold dots on the wall made, and i spaced them 6 inches apart. the painting above the bed is from my old house, and was from home goods.

i love my art wall next to the bed so much. i get to lay in bed and look at all of my favorite art and maps of some of the places jarman and i have lived. i got most of the frames from ikea and target- i will probably do a whole post on the wall at some point. i have another ikea shelf that acts as my nightstand. we don't have enough room to scooch the bed over because our bed is so dang big (we can't and will never give up our king bed). i have my old urban outfitters lamp on the shelf where i charge my phone and computer at night. 

my emerald green sheets were from ross (i love them but you get what you pay for, they already have a hole in them). i got the grey blanket at the end on super clearance at west elm ($20- i didn't even want a blanket down there but how could i pass it up!). i love my nate berkus geometric duvet cover from target oh so much. i got all of those serena and lily pillows at home goods, which were another thing that i wasn't planning to buy- but how could i pass up sequined gold and silver pillows. i lucked out in my shopping for this room!


the dresser (and rest of the room):

you may recognize my dresser from my wedding. we painted it chartreuse so that it could be one of the only things that was my true wedding color (it was before it became the most popular color ever!). we skipped the priming/sanding so it is chipping super badly. and, it is still missing the drawer that my dad threw away. i still love it though. i have an ikea mirror and target light for my 'dressing station'. i stole that little geometric wooden stool from my mom.

lets just take a minute to talk about that necklace holder. this was my biggest splurge on the room. it is from west elm and is possibly the most amazing thing i have ever seen. more amazing than justin timberlake's future sex love sounds concert. i don't even know what else to say.

my lamp is vintage from my aunt, so is the mirror tray. all of the jewelry is my own. looking the other way you can see my teeny tiny closet. we took the doors off to make a little more room. i put up my old world market curtains to cover the clutter.

seriously though, i love my room (like you can't tell). i ask jarman every morning if he is so excited to wake up in such a cute room? he usually is. thanks to jarman for a. putting up with all my crap (how much i can talk about the tiniest little things), and b. putting up all my crap (building the desk, painting the room, hanging all my shelves and rods). also thank you mom for helping me with all the little details. she (literally) nailed the art wall and the desk area.