tablesetting / a bohemian valentine's


instead of going with traditional red and pink decor for valentine's day, why not switch to some more fun, still girly, and less expected colors? we loved the combination of purple and coral, along with a little bit of gold and green (because we can't do anything without gold or green). for this tablescape we were really excited to use our new gold rimmed plates that we found at goodwill. it was like $10 for a set of six salad and full sized plates. i was trying so hard to move away from thrift store shopping (because i am sick of hand-me-downs and owning things that i like, but don't love), but sometimes it's just too legit to quit. oh and those gold rimmed glasses that seem to match perfectly, they came from the dollar store. oh, and our savings on this table don't stop there. we got the napkins and runner on super clearance at world market. it was like $4 for all the napkins and about the same for the runner. we also recently got those black and gold rimmed plates on clearance at target ($1 each). the only other things that are new are the little purple vases (about $1 from ikea). we had the succulents and the centerpiece items already. i dug out my gold west elm flatware so that we can finally start having cute silverware to include in these posts!

what are your valentine's traditions? we try to do a fancy dinner in the dining room every year, and usually that means my dad grills us some steaks. i'm hoping we can pull it off this year, luckily we already have the table set!