desert garden family photos / the kursars

here's the thing. everyone thinks their kids are horrible when it comes to taking family pictures. they rarely listen, they do their own thing, they get dirty. but that is 100% ok. it actually makes for better pictures in my opinion. 

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intimate coronado wedding / alisha + scott

this past weekend i got to be a part of one of the most special weddings ever. alisha and scott got married on the beach with only their children in attendance. alisha has four kids and scott has three and they were all so happy

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desert garden family photos / the boyds

i have shared lots of these photos on instagram but am just now posting my favorites on here! i did these family photos back in november and they are some of my favorites. this desert garden is the coolest location of all time.

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botanical garden engagement session / erica + mccain

i have been dying to do pictures in a botanical garden or nursery forever. i have pretty much tried to talk everyone i have worked with in to doing their shoot there, but somehow it never worked out until now. 

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from my camera / weekend in the city

for andie's 17th birthday she had this pipe dream of going to chicago. she has watched the vow one too many times! we convinced her that san diego was just as cool of a city as chi-town, so she, audrey and my mom came and stayed with us for the weekend and we explored sd. of course the girls wanted it to be a photoshoot pretty much the whole time. we did practice senior photos for andie (she wants to do the real ones once she gets her braces off).

on saturday we shopped for hours...

then that evening we met up with the boys for dinner on coronado island. we had to take advantage of the best light of the day...

seriously, how gorgeous is she? she has won the best hair award in our family by far, sorry jarman!

then they wanted their best bud to be in the pictures with them...

he has learned a thing or two about modeling after being in a family with 4 girls.

i look like an oompa loompa next to my tiny, young, gorgeous, non-prego sisters.

we walked around the hotel del coronado for a bit before dinner...

and for some reason they decided to take a picture like this:

then we drove around down town at night because andie wanted to see the city all lit up...

sunday morning we took everyone to our favorite spot- sunset cliffs.

then we went over to seaport village (and left shortly after walking a bit and not being able to find parking!)

then we walked around down town some more...

and made one final stop at balboa park.

mom had to hop in show the girls how it's done.


it was such a fun weekend getting to know this city better. i don't think we will ever leave.

ps. let me know if you need, or know someone who needs, senior portraits done!