fashion / the hotel barclay

oh how i miss having a model to play dress up for me and do my fashion posts. and having another sister. syd is almost half way done with her mission in costa rica and has been killing it out there. i don't know how she does it (or any missionary for that matter- props to all of you rm's!). i miss her all the time and am so sad she won't get to see my baby for his first 9 months. i'm sure she will make up for it when she gets back though- i have no doubt that she will be his best aunt! (sorry andie, audrey and hannah:).

this is the last fashion post that i have stock-piled of syd. it is from our day we spent in la in february. i have been hoarding it because it is such a good fall outfit with the best fall colors (although you can clearly see that springtime was blooming when we took these pics). as we were walking around la we noticed all of these people coming in and out of the 'hotel barclay', and realized they were making a movie inside! so of course we decided we wanted to take some pictures outside of it because it had to be significant in some way. 


syd is wearing: a green headband found at world market (is anyone else surprised at how cute their accessories are?), my favorite juicy brand light grey leather jacket (purchased years ago from nordstrom rack), a burnt orange peter pan collared tank (from brass plum), my high waisted purpley-brown silky pants (from soel boutique in utah), color-blocked bcbg heels (from marshalls), and my olive marc jacobs handbag (from nordstrom).

fashion / summer staples to fall favorites

last year i did a couple of posts about how to transition your favorite summery items into fall in just a few short steps (see here and here). this past weekend in st. george my aunt angela and i came up with a few more outfits that show these same tricks.


angela got this bright jumpsuit over the summer and we obsessed over its simpleness and fun colors. to create a fall feel, we first added dark accents of black and put on the deep purple lipstick. for fall accessories we used that awesome floppy black hat in the shape that we can't get enough of (see my instagram for my other favorite hats in the same style). for shoes we would pair this type of flat that mimicks the lip color (i still can't get enough of the d'orsay style shoes!)

ps. follow angela on instagram for more fashion and design tips!