from my camera / great falls and mount vernon

these are some more pictures from when we had the car last weekend. we visited great falls, a national park in virginia, on thanksgiving morning. the falls were pretty spectacular, and i would have loved to do some hikes in the area had it not been freezing. it was a good chance to practice my tripod skills (as well as self-timed pictures skills).

the next day we went to mount vernon, finally. we had always talked about going because i feel like it is one of the things you just have to do, but it is hard to get to without a car. the place was filled with tourists (like us), so the experience was a little less amazing than it could have been. we actually never did a full tour of the house because there was such a long line to get in, and hoards of people makes us both edgy. we did sneak in to see the last parts of the house. the outside was beautiful. i love eastern style homes they are so much cuter than most of the homes in california. the archways that connected the main house to the side parts were to die for. clearly i could not get enough pictures of them. we also walked around the gardens, saw washington's tomb, went down to the boathouse on the river. it was definitely worth the visit, but i wish we had the place to ourselves.

ps. how cute does jarman look. i could not stop taking pictures of him that day (jarman and arches always get me). also, the very last picture is one of my favorite pics i have ever taken.