modern artist / alex prager

the thing that i love most about my internship is getting to do research on artists i would have never heard of. i have learned about so many different types of works, artists, and time periods (including contemporary artists, 19th century quilt-making, renaissance painters, and civil rights artists). it is awesome. my favorite discovery is the work of alex prager. she is a film maker and photographer, and possibly my soulmate. sorry jarm. her style is so cool, i just want to be friends with her.

last year, she did a series of mini-movies for the new york times which featured the best actors and actresses of the year. the series is titled 'a touch of evil' and is so mysterious/breathtaking/dreadful/beautiful. she has brad pitt, ryan gosling, jessica chastain, kirsten dunst, and many more. you can watch all 13 on her website (which i have done multiple time). here are some of my favorites:

creepy right? also, i'm so excited, there is an exhibit of her works starting at the corcoran gallery tomorrow! i'm probably going to go, and meet her there, and make a mess of myself trying to say something somewhat intellectual to her.