travelogue / connecticut and boston

i feel like it has been forever since we have been back from the east coast, but really it hasn't even been two weeks. for our last week we went on a road trip through the east coast, we hit 9 states! on friday we left dc and headed up to new york for the evening. we only had time to get rice to riches and grimaldi's (our two favorites), and snap a few pictures of the city.


that night we finished the drive up to connecticut. we stayed with our friend brad in storrs, mansfield (where uconn is). it snowed all the next day, so we visited the school and had a cozy day inside. for some reason the snow didn't bother me quite as much as it did when i lived in it. we felt like we were having a white christmas in a homey cabin in connecticut.

the next two days we visited new haven, mystic and providence. we loved walking around snowy yale, it was such a beautiful place- i will do a whole post devoted to pics of yale. the pictures below are of a little place we ate lobster at in mystic. we showed up on a monday, which was apparently the worst day to go because all of the activities (the seaport and the aquarium) were closed! but, we did a quick yelp and found ford's lobster. oh my gosh it made the whole trip to mystic worth it, we were so happy! i got a lobster roll and jarm got fish and chips. we went to providence after, walked around brown and a local coffee shop and found an adorable antique store. but it was so freezing we left right after that. somehow i didn't get a single picture in providence. that night we made a really classy cheese plate and watched a christmas story. it was perfection.

the next day we went to boston, which we were soooo excited for! somehow we arrived just in time for the biggest snow storm ever. we went to the museum of fine arts where turner's slave ship is (causing total elation). the drive from the museum to our apartment should have been 15 minutes, but took three hours because of the snowstorm combined with rush hour traffic. we about died. we decided to treat ourselves to an extravagant dinner (that we walked in the snow to) that night to make up for the rough day. the next day we had some down time before our flight so we got cheesecake factory. the parking for an hour and a half was 25 dollars. what?? our first impression of boston was not a good one. we visited fenway park, froze our butts off and headed to the airport. we definitely need another trip to love boston like we should.