easy dinners / fresh bruschetta

i was complaining to my mom yesterday that no food sounds good to me lately, so i don't ever feel like eating. she asked why i was complaining and i told her it was because i like eating food so much that it's disappointing when it isn't fun to me. being in this strange funk makes me want to cook the bare minimum (jarman's probably saying, 'what's new?'). tonight i whipped up some bruschetta and served it with breadsticks and called it good.  

bruschetta is actually one of my favorite foods. i can eat those tomatoes like i'm getting paid to do so. it's also super easy to make, and you can serve it with almost anything. it is delicious on top of chicken, salad, pizza, toast and more. the key is to use good tomatoes- mine were organic from trader joe's and were amazing. i generally just approximate the ingredients and add until it tastes good- it's pretty hard to mess this up. 


recipe for two: 2 tomatoes, cut  + olive oil + balsamic vinegar + fresh garlic + basil (fresh or dried)  + salt and pepper

served with trader joes garlic and herb pizza dough, made into breadsticks