inspiration / fall flats

i tend to go through major phases in shopping. when i decide i like one type of thing, i go out and buy lots of that thing. not all at once, but over a few months i will realize that i am buying the same things over and over. this summer i was on brightly colored lipsticks (i bought 7 or 8), printed pants (i bought 5 pairs), and swimsuits (i bought 5 or six sets, and a few random tops and bottoms). i don't mind shopping this way, the way i see it i get stocked up for a few years until i go out and replace all of my old thing. a few years ago i went crazy buying boots: i bought like 5 pairs, 3 of which were knee-high brown boots that were just different enough for me to justify buying. and i haven't felt the need to buy boots since.

before that i stocked up in flats. but apparently i'm ready to move on from those flats, and purchase a new collection.  i am especially excited to buy some new flats for the coming fall season. i don't think i have ever been so excited to start wearing fall clothes- i'm a summer girl all around. i think i was want a shift in color scheme mainly, i'm loving dark maroons and oranges and yellows. such great fall colors. anyways, these are the flats that are on my list:

i don't have a single pair of oxfords, i always think they are too manly. but give me a patent pair in deep burgundy and i'll be singing a different tune. plus, this pair from urban outfitters is a steal at $39, i almost feel like i need them just because of the price. i would pair them with cute ankle socks that would undoubtedly accentuate my kankles, but i'll just pretend to ignore that. 

i actually already bought this pair at the nordstrom anniversary sale. again, i haven't been on the bootie train. normally they have little heels that are very unflattering, and sometimes they look like pigs hooves. this pair, in a grey leopard, just spoke to me. i have been saving them for fall, but think i will pull them out this weekend for their official debut. 

this is another super affordable pair from urban. i just got a pair similar, with the patent black for the back and the d'orsay style,  but the front is snakeskin and there is an ankle strap. i am in love with them. i have a feeling this pair may be a bit more comfortable, and i probably have to buy them because i have no camel colored shoes. right girls?

i have a thing for metallic shoes. sorry, i have a thing for metallic anything. i love these booties with all my heart, but i really would never buy them. unless they go on sale. then they are mine. i love the gold fringe that adds just enough shimmer to not look outlandish. not that i don't love outlandish things, just sometimes it gets exhausting being teased for your ridiculous clothing.  

um, this pair is on sale at anthro for $29.95. most of you have probably stopped reading at this point so that you can hop on over and buy them, but you should know they are out of stock. such a tease. i might have shed a few tears. apparently i am into the d'orsay style. but i mean really, pink and glitter shoes with an ankle strap? how can you go wrong? 

i have wanted this pair for a while, and now they are on sale at nordstrom. and the only size and color they have left are my size and my favorite color. so if anyone wants to send me any gifts (ahem, jarman), don't feel like you need to be creative. you can just get me these!