currently obsessed / urban outfitters maps

it's taking everything i have to not go out and buy every single one of these map posters. i honestly can't decide which i love the most: the scratch off world map where you can track where you've been? the new york metro map? the northeast map? (just because we are living here for the moment.) they are all so cute and would add so much to an office, playroom, living room... really any room would do better with a map. currently i own two maps, one of the world and a vintage one of london. someday i want to have a wall dedicated to maps, probably in my office, and it will probably have each of these urban outfitters ones.  also, check out their map tapestries if you want the whole wall to be covered in a giant map. which i would also love to have.

scratch off map.jpeg
dry erase.jpeg
NYC Map.jpeg
Paris Map Poster.jpeg
nyc subway.jpeg