style / wedding week: bridals


so this week i am going to share with you pictures from my wedding! i know it was a year and a half ago, but i have never gotten a chance to really share my pictures and people keep asking to see them. i am breaking it up in to categories, so each day you will see a different aspect of my wedding, mainly because it's too hard for me to narrow down what to show you. 

jarman and i got married february 18th, 2012 in the san diego temple. our reception was held in my backyard, and my family and our wonderful friends pretty much put the whole thing on. we made all the food, did all the decorating, and partied as hard as we could. it was literally the funnest day of my life, and if i could i would have a wedding for every anniversary. and seriously, we couldn't have done it without all of our amazing friends and family that helped us, i think i will have to do a post just for them. 

we did our bridals a few weeks before the wedding at balboa park in san diego. i had always imagined doing our pictures there, and somehow our amazing photographer made it work, even though she lives all the way in la. i love the way they turned out. those blue doors are to die for. i love the european vibe that the park gives, it looks like we could have taken these pictures in spain or italy. 

i got my dress from an antique store in temecula. in high school i went to that antique store almost every weekend to shop for vintage jewels and dresses, and i was so happy to actually be buying my wedding dress from there. i never actually went dress shopping, this was pretty much the only dress i tried on and i knew i had to have it. it required quite a few alterations. i always imagined having the funny face dress made, and had my heart set on having a tea length dress. when i found this one, i couldn't part with the ruffles in the back, so i decided to compromise and have the front short but the back long. i also had the sleeves shortened, and a v made for the back neckline (which my hair pretty much covered the entire time anyway).