bedroom makeover part 2 / shopping list

this week we are painting our room (martha stewart's nimbus grey), and shopping. things are happening people and it's really exciting! i'm hoping to have final pictures by the end of next week, but who knows. i tried to add the colors that will be in the room in my little collage, but i realized those are only the colors on my bed, there are a few more that will be in the room too. it may sound busy but i think it will pull together nicely!


1. navy diamond duvet cover- i already bought this and am loving it on my bed! it isn't online any more but i have seen tons of them in stores, sometimes you need to target hop to get what you want. and it's on sale for $60. score. 

2. pink tufted ottoman- this is freaking adorable. i haven't found it in any of the stores we have gone to, but i'm still searching. there is a chance i may end up using an ottoman i already have. this will be going at the end of my bed by the tall mirror, so that i can have a place to lay clothes while i try things on, or if i need a break, you know. i also need something that i can use to climb up in my closet in, because roll-y chairs and me are a lethal combination.

3. desk drawers / more storage- right now we just have the linnmon desk from ikea, with no drawers. it isn't a very big workspace, so we don't like to have much on top, and we need a place to keep all of our important things (cameras, laptops, work stuff etc.). in a perfect world i would also be getting a whole closet kit, but the clothes are hidden behind curtains and what we currently have is working fine. i don't want to invest the money into it right now.

4. desk chair- jarman and i have looked for a desk chair that we both like since we have been married, and this is the only one we can agree on. the $200 price tag makes us hesitate a bit though. we may keep looking for a while, this isn't urgent. we will definitely need one while jarman is in law school. he talks about how amazing his workspace will be a lot. it's the only space in the house he really cares about having just perfect.

5. mirror- we have not one mirror in our room, and no full length mirror in our bathroom. it is killing me. this is a must.

6. art prints / frames- i have been purchasing prints and postcards from museums, so i'm planning to frame them and make an awesome art wall of things that i have actually seen and like. i also might include some of my photographs. i am very excited and planning on adding a lot of color (as if i need any more)  with this project.