christmas / last year's holiday decor

i got my camera for christmas last year and immediately started snapping photos, while reading the manual and trying to figure out all of the cool things i could do with it. i laid on the couch and took about 20 different pictures of the mantle just so i could see how each setting changed what the picture looked like. it was super fun, but they are definitely not the greatest pictures i've ever taken (hopefully i've improved over the past year!). i still want to share them with you because i think bobette did/does such a good job of decorating the house every christmas. she decks the halls like it's nobody's business. here are a few parts of the house that i have pictures of:

first up, the mantle. i think our brick fireplace screams christmas, so it didn't need much. bobette went with simple stockings and adorned them with the first letters of our names, and glitter silhouettes of our faces. yes, she made little glitter silhouettes of each of us. if that doesn't impress you i don't know what will. she added a few modern christmas trees and reindeer, along with some evergreen garland. near the fireplace are two smaller 'christmas trees'- one made of a pretty branch, and one that had christmas cards from our friends hung on it. on the other side she had two large lanterns filled with birds and moss.

i know, that's a really crappy picture of the tree and it doesn't even show the cute presents wrapped underneath. this was post-christmas morning so all of those wrappings had been torn to pieces, wrestled in, and then thrown away. such is life. last year the tree had silver and blue ornaments with pink bows mixed in. and a crown as the tree topper. fitting for a family with 5 girls who all think they are princesses. i did get a few shots of some of the cutest ornaments, as i was playing with my macro settings.

these are the only other two places of the house that i got to photograph, though there was so much more going on. the first picture shows our 'hot chocolate station,' with all of the fixings to make delicious hot chocolate at any time of day. the second shows the mini-christmas tree collection which have been used in many ways over the years. they started out in each of our rooms- we each got our own mini tree decorated with things that fit our personalities (mine had an eiffel tower, cateye glasses, pearls, etc). last year they were in a grouping in the living room, and had the cutest pink and blue ornaments.

be sure to look out for our post of this year's christmas decor!