Coronado Golden Hour Family Photos / The Warrens

This session and this family were all sorts of dreamy. People always ask me what my favorite beach for pictures is and I think it has to be Coronado because it is huge and has pretty bright sand and dunes that add variety. It feels like shooting in a giant soft box because the sand acts as a natural reflector helping to brighten up faces and even everything out. So I finally have an answer to that question. (Though, let's be honest, shooting at the beach is pretty much always pretty).

I got the sweetest email from this client after her family session. I seriously teared up reading it because it is little love notes like that which make my job amazing. Here is a little snippet: 

Thank you so much for taking our photos. I love them and will treasure them forever. I am filled with joy looking at all of them. You captured our family so beautifully and it almost makes it seem like we live in a beachy dream world where everyone is happy and life is perfect...haha! I'll remember it this way when we're old and gray and our kids are taller than us.

we also did a few christmas card photos over in front of the del and i just have to share them because how picture perfect can they be?