currently obsessed / target cartwheel

as if target couldn't get any better (who else requires a weekly 3 hour saunter through every single aisle),  they came out with an app that has the best discounts. every week they release new deals in all categories of the store- clothing, baby, health, beauty, even groceries. so of course, now i have to buy even more stuff from target just because i get such a good discount on it. this past weekend, all clothing, shoes, accessories, and handbags were 25% off. if that's not enough to bring you in to the store then i don't know what is. so far i have saved $90 using the app (who knows how much i've spent). do yourself a favor and download it here, you won't regret it (though your husband might!)

Target Wishlist_edited-1.jpg

1. little boy swim trunks- i'm not going to lie, target is kind of slacking in the baby boy clothes section. it is a little depressing (especially if you make the mistake of glancing into the baby girl's clothes where there are thousands of options). but these shorts are on point.

2. weekender bag- for some reason i have it in my head that baby needs his own hospital/overnight bag for when we travel. he would look super stylish with this one.

3. stapler- our cute acrylic stapler doesn't work anymore and jarman has been needing a new one for law school. i don't want to get an ugly stapler- so we are holding out for this one.

4. quilted slip on shoes- i am obsessed with these shoes for fall. they seem so comfy and would be adorable with jeans and a hat. of course, my swollen pregnant feet make it so i have to buy shoes a size up right now, making these ones look like boats on my feet. which is why i haven't purchased them yet, but i just might, boat-feet or not.

5. jersey sheets- i used to love jersey sheets when i was younger, but haven't tried them since i have been married. i mainly love the stripe options- so many good ones!

6. coffee table- we desperately need a coffee table and the price is right on this one. don't be surprised to find it in my house very soon.