entertaining / kira's boho bridal shower


we have been doing lots of weddings and bridal showers around here (well three to be exact, but it feels like a ton!). i am so excited to share all of our work (and by our i mostly mean bobette, with my assistance). first up is the shower we threw for my best friend, kira. we decided to do a moroccan/bohemian inspired evening outdoors (a term which jarman has turned into 'moboho'). 


this is a view of the whole party: on the left we have kira's outdoor bedroom- her bridal shower gift, on the patio we have our 'lounge area' (pictured at the top), two tables for people to enjoy their food at, and the food which is unseen but is underneath the canopy.


we set up this seating area with rugs along the walls, and ottomans as seats. we put trays down where people could set their food plates. we filled our planter boxes with giant ferns, and put lanterns and bougainvillea on our other posts. the whole patio area was surrounded by string lights and hanging lanterns.

here is a peek at kira's bedroom. not only was it the center of our party decor, it was her bridal shower present that we had our guests pitch in for. i will be sharing all of the details/sources later this week!


these are our eating tables. of course just as we sat down to eat our delicious dinner, it got super windy and freezing. the party lasted a whole 45 minutes before everyone went shiveringly inside. and once we got inside the wind calmed down and it was beautiful again outside. just our luck!

we used our gold bar cart for drinks, and set up our diy arrow painting as the backdrop. i'm obsessed with this look. we served punch and water and cute bubbly lemonades.


we backed our food table with more art (that was stolen from the house). we served chicken and steak shish kabobs, grilled pineapple and veggies, quinoa salad, asian salad, hummus and pita and fruit and dips. it was delicious and took me off my 'refusing-to-eat-real-food' hiatus which was a result of nighttime morning sickness.


and this is how everything looked all lit up at night, which is how we truly meant it to be seen. it was such a magical, albeit cold, night.