fashion / embracing the bump

well really i should title this post embracing the bumps- because everything has gotten so much curvier (it's still up for debate whether my belly or booty is bigger- i feel like nikki minaj most days). i think it's time for me to get over it and embrace it. why not show off my curves- it's the one time where it is almost encouraged right??

lately i've been wearing tight tops (and sometimes bottoms) so that people can really tell that i'm pregnant. i have been following oh joy's 'dressing the bump' series and have learned some awesome tips- like pulling your skirt above the bump. i love doing this with all my skirts now. i got this black and white polka dot pencil skirt just before i got pregnant and contemplated returning it as soon as i found out. the stretchy material and long length make it ideal for pulling up over my bump though. i can't get enough neon right now and this top has been my go to for a pop of color. 

ps. swelling has gotten the best of my feet and ankles. it hasn't even been going down over night, i wake up and they are still massive. my inner ankle bone is long gone. while i typically don't have the slimmest ankles (some call them cankles), any semblance of definition i have is totally gone.

pps. i just want to make it known that i don't dress like this every day. in fact most days i wear a t-shirt and maternity jeans. but after looking at another fashion bloggers pregnancy fashion i was encouraged to try a little harder and feel a little better about myself. so while most days all i care about is comfort (and yes my rainbows are the most comfortable thing i wear), i  do like to sometimes feel cute and fashionable. i wanted to say that in case any of you readers are pregnant and annoyed at me, because that's how i feel toward other pregnant bloggers who wear things like heels and leather pants. but don't worry, i will definitely be doing a post on my typical pregnancy styles. since i bet you were super worried about that.