bridal session / mkaul and tyler

this summer i had the chance to do my very first bridal session and first real reception (i've photographed lots of receptions before but was never the official photographer). it was so much fun and such a good learning experience. the bridal session was my favorite though. mkaul and tyler's wedding had a carnival theme, and they let me come up with ideas for the bridal shoot. those are my favorite shoots- the ones where i have total control and can choose props, locations etc. the first location for the bridals was in a soda shop in old town temecula. i loved that it had bright colors and went along with the carnival theme.

our second location may have been my favorite. i got it in my head that i wanted a carousel horse in the pictures. naturally. so my mom and i went to granny's attic in hopes that they would have one. we first found a full sized carved gold and white horse- but it was $300. i asked if i could just borrow it and the lady all but laughed in my face- worth a try though right? then my mom came upon this little white horse on a pole. the bride wouldn't be able to sit on it, but it still worked for what i was looking for. at 35 bucks it was a winner. for a location i really wanted a red and white striped circus tent. we drove around and found this little old red fire house. it was fate. this is for sure my favorite part of the shoot.

for our last location we walked around a block in old town. i had a giant balloon with fringe garland to use on the bridge, but it was way too windy so we just gave it up. i love the industrial vibe of these last ones though.

thank you so much mkaul and tyler for letting me take your pictures! stay tuned for the details of their gorgeous reception!