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who is ready for valentine's day? (i'm not either, don't worry!). february is always jam packed for us- jarman's birthday is on the 8th, the valentine's is on the 14th, and our anniversary is on the 18th. lots of romance will be going on over here! actually, we usually keep our valentine's days pretty simple. well, we try to. the valentines of 2012 actually turned out to be a bit of a fiasco. we were getting married in four days so we said we weren't going to do anything for valentine's. i was actually planning to go out with my sisters for one last girls day before the wedding. so halfway through the day my little sister comes home with a present from her 'boyfriend', and i started thinking to myself how pathetic it was that we hadn't even gotten married yet and we had already lost the romance of getting little gifts on valentines day. i obviously threw a fit and started crying because how was i going to marry someone who doesn't get his soon-to-be wife anything for valentines day (even though i had not gotten him anything, soooo selfish). jarman ended up driving back to his house to bring me the little gift he had gotten me (some chocolates and a stuffed animal) and consoled my crazy side. he really learned a lesson not to wait until halfway through any holiday to give me a gift, and especially to not get me a gift at all, heaven forbid! that should tell you a little bit about the dynamics of our marriage and who is the bratty one. (yup, it's me).

i got this shirt a little over a year ago (for $12.99 at tjmaxx) and am so excited to wear it every valentine's season, but i can't bring myself to wear it any other time than the month of february. i got the skirt at the jcrew outlet, and the boots at anthro (both on major sale). how cute is syd and her fun balloons?