six (cheap) gifts for audrey lovers

For all of you fellow Audrey lovers out there, this gift guide is for you! 

[ps. i wanted so badly to include the sunglasses from breakfast at tiffany's, but the price point is waaayyyy over $100. but they will always be on my wishlist, i'm sure they are on yours too!]

1. Patent Leather Envelope ($95) - i had to include something from Tiffany's in this post. because the only jewelry you can get for under $100 is a silver chain, and all of the cheapest jewelry is not that great (why do i hate the 'return to tiffany's' line?) i chose this little clutch/lipstickholder/coinpurse. pulling that little pop of tiffany blue put of your purse will always make you happy.

2. Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit ($17.11) this is my favorite audrey book that is have. it is written by her son who tells lovely memories of his dear mother.

3. Sleep Mask ($25) my sister, audrey, has really embraced the sleep mask this year. she's a pretty glamorous 13-year old. this mask will help you to sleep beautifully.

4. Little Black Dress ($99.95) i had to make a serious decision in choosing the lbd for this post. i decided the style of this dress was so audrey- the cut sleeves, and not-so-revealing neckline screamed her name. (also, have you guys look at the anthro sale section lately, they have some awesome dresses right now!)

5. Faux-Fur Pillbox Hat ($98) how charade is this pillbox hat? dying.

6. Unicef Donation lastly, for those of you who truly know audrey, you'll know that she was an avid advocate for unicef. gifting a donation to the charity is really the ultimate gift.