six (cheap) gifts for little princes

last week i shared gifts for little girls, and i figured i should try and find things for little boys as well. because most likely i will have a boy or two or three, and i'm going the have to do something with them. (growing up with all girls makes little boys seem not as fun, but i've heard they're great!). i actually had a pretty easy time finding things for the little guys!

1. itty bitty hoodie ($26.95) for the days when he's feeling casual but still wants to party.

2. checkered trousers ($29.90) to dress up his hoodie.

3. leather converse ($36.95) to make him to coolest kid in school. 

4. indoor tent ($99) for all of his playtime adventures.

5. train set ($46) just because it's pretty adorable.

6. Damien Hirst ABC's ($16.20) the most famous contemporary artist is making kids books. ah-mazing.

six (cheap) gifts for audrey lovers

For all of you fellow Audrey lovers out there, this gift guide is for you! 

[ps. i wanted so badly to include the sunglasses from breakfast at tiffany's, but the price point is waaayyyy over $100. but they will always be on my wishlist, i'm sure they are on yours too!]

1. Patent Leather Envelope ($95) - i had to include something from Tiffany's in this post. because the only jewelry you can get for under $100 is a silver chain, and all of the cheapest jewelry is not that great (why do i hate the 'return to tiffany's' line?) i chose this little clutch/lipstickholder/coinpurse. pulling that little pop of tiffany blue put of your purse will always make you happy.

2. Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit ($17.11) this is my favorite audrey book that is have. it is written by her son who tells lovely memories of his dear mother.

3. Sleep Mask ($25) my sister, audrey, has really embraced the sleep mask this year. she's a pretty glamorous 13-year old. this mask will help you to sleep beautifully.

4. Little Black Dress ($99.95) i had to make a serious decision in choosing the lbd for this post. i decided the style of this dress was so audrey- the cut sleeves, and not-so-revealing neckline screamed her name. (also, have you guys look at the anthro sale section lately, they have some awesome dresses right now!)

5. Faux-Fur Pillbox Hat ($98) how charade is this pillbox hat? dying.

6. Unicef Donation lastly, for those of you who truly know audrey, you'll know that she was an avid advocate for unicef. gifting a donation to the charity is really the ultimate gift.

six (cheap) gifts for scholars and gentlemen

here is a gift guide for the classiest fellows in your life. from art prints showing famous boxing matches to hang in their (no doubt) hard wood offices, to shaving kits to keep their mustaches in check, these are luxury items at non-luxury prices. oh, and every guy needs the moleskine planners (ps. you can get them personalized on the moleskine website).

1. Bow Tie ($14.50)

2. Shaving Kit ($26.50)

3. Moleskine Planner ($19.90)

4. Tan Suede Shoes ($90)

5. Dempsey-Willard Fight, 1919 Print by George Bellows ($49.99)

6. How Not to Be a Dick ($13.43)

six (cheap) gifts for the decorista

this is a collection of gifts for the most stylish ladies in your life!

1. Eames Style Rocker ($85) obviously this is not an original, but is made of plastic. it sure beats the $500 price point of other chairs of its kind!

2. Paper Mache Reindeer ($59) help your favorite decorators really get in the christmas spirit by replacing their deer heads (which they most likely have) with this awesome reindeer.

3. Fur Chair Cover ($29.99) this can have multiple purposes: rug, chair cover, cuddle buddy. no matter what it's sure to bring coziness and warmth. 

4. Velvet Tassel Pillow ($58) i am dying over this pillow, i love the neutral color mixed with the bright tassels.

5. Hexagon Towel Ring ($14) hexagons are my new favorite shape. i think everyone needs this hardware to make their bathroom so much more enjoyable.

6. Leif Print ($64) add to your decorista's art wall with this summery and bright print to get them out of the winter blues.

six (cheap) gifts for surfers

shopping for boys is confusing. usually they only want things that they need and use, nothing superfluous like the many accessories and things that girls always want. maybe that's why they don't carry purses, they don't need to lug around excessive amounts of stuff 'just in case.' i find myself buying the same things for every holiday: new work shirts, new shoes to replace the ones that have been worn out, moleskin notebooks. i've tried to get creative and get things like watches, but ultimately they go unworn (except by me) and i just get angry. so from here on out i'm going to try to stick with the list, and get only things that jarman needs and uses on a regular basis. now that we are moving to california (for good! and in less than 2 weeks!), surf gear can finally be on the list.

there are just a few things that surfers have to have. board and wet suits are obviously the more expensive items that can only be given every so often. the items below are things that surfers will always need/use, making them easy to shop for. 

{this list was curated by jarman}

1. wetsuit top ($89.99)

2. bodysurfing fins ($76)

3. surfboard repair kit( $12.86)

4. Booties ($44.95)

5. leash ($20-75)

6. wax ($4.95)