the best non-maternity maternity items for fall

recently i have been craving switching out all of my summer items for fall ones. of course, the heat makes me think twice about this- i am constantly sweating hot even when it's just a normal day. there has been a recent heat wave in san diego making things even worse. however, i have managed to create fall looks, without wearing too many layers or hot things. here are my staples:

1. military vest - so far this has been my favorite item i have gotten for fall. i found mine at tjmaxx for $30. it cinches in the back so i have a little definition, and my belly pops out the front just a little bit. i got another black silky vest too. each has helped me transition, without making me too hot.

2. blue striped dress - well i actually bought this over the summer, but i love it so much that it will for sure come with me in to fall. this dress cinches right around the waist defining my belly (it also defines the booty pretty well, but that's besides the point). i love this dress because i don't have to wear anything underneath or over it, and it's super comfy. i seriously wear it at least once a week.

3. wool hat - i have worn a hat every day this week. not only because i hate doing my hair, but it makes me feel so much more put together. this olive green one is the newest addition to my collection.

4. maxi dress - so i don't have this actual maxi dress, but the moment i saw it in anthro i about died. it is very flowy- it would fit even the biggest belly. it has an adorable geometric pattern in my favorite green and orange fall colors. up until now i have avoided maxi dresses because they make me so hot (anything that covers the kankles right now is a no-no), but i'm totally ready to wear them now.

5. chambray shirt - i finally hopped on the bandwagon and bought a chambray shirt (it helped that it was on sale at marshall's for $10). i love wearing mine with the sleeves rolled up over a cute tank or tee. 

6. high-low skirt - like i said in my previous maternity style post, i have been loving wearing skirts over my belly. pleated skirts look the cutest like this because the define the belly without clinging too much. this orangey one would make a perfect addition to any fall wardrobe.