currently obsessed / grilled pizza + cheese plates

over the summer my aunt introduced me to trader joe's havarti and hard salami on crackers and got me hooked. since then i have been trying to get new cheeses (along with the havarti of course- you really can't go wrong with it), and jarman and i have started a tradition of having a cheese plate after church on sundays (and lots of other days of the week). our second favorite was fresh goat cheese with honey and figs on crackers or crostini's. 

our second favorite thing to snack on is grilled pizza. i don't know why we ever cooked pizza a different way- grilling it is so quick and easy. we followed this tutorial online and it was not very difficult. basically you roll out your dough and prep all your toppings before you go out to the grill. you put olive oil on one side, then lay that side on the grill for 2-3 minutes. then you flip, coat with olive oil, and put on your toppings as fast as you can. then close the grill and let the cheese melt and boom. delicious charred pizza. and i say charred in the nicest way possible.

our favorite combinations have been: prosciutto, fig, caramelized onions, and mozzarella cheese topped with an arugula salad. also fontina and fresh mozzarella with roasted yellow squash topped with grated parmesan (a three cheese if you will). and lastly fresh mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and balsamic glaze. next i want to do a bbq-y mexicany one with corn and beans. i love that you can pretty much put anything you have on top and it's delicious. oh, and use trader joe's dough- it's delicious and only $1.19. we get a few of them and freeze them, because obviously we make pizza quite a bit these days.