diy / wall hanging

i know, i'm like super trendy. wall hangings are all the rage right now and i knew i could make one for super cheap and make a major statement with it. and as you know, cheap+statement-making is my forte (see my rorschach wall hangings, and plus sign curtains). i spent less than $10 on this project and used some stuff i already had (or found in my mom's wedding inventory). i love how it turned out. you could do so many different things with it and in so many different colors. i originally planned to add in some lavender fabric, but forgot to bring it home so i was unable to. i love it all the same! (this picture was my inspiration)

so, here is how i did it:

1. i started with a wooden dowel (it would be cute to paint the dowel or even just the ends)

2. i used butcher's twine to make the ropes (jute cord would work too). i wanted them to be thick so i combined 5-10 pieces and twisted it together to make it look more rope-like. i started by making different lengths and tying them up there. you want to have lots of the space filled- you'll want your longest one to go from edge to edge to frame everything. i like creating two loops with one rope for a different effect.

3. i used torn fabric to add color and texture. i made the fabric twice as long as i wanted it, then folded it in half and pulled the ends through the top loop. i made each section a different length. i did this as i added the rope so i would know how long/layered each additional rope should be. i also used fabric to wrap around one of the ropes and had a few pieces hanging at the end.

4. i used yarn in three ways: at the top i made a diagonal section of hanging yarn. i put the yarn up first and then cut it so it would be perfectly straight. on the far left side i wound the yarn tightly around the rope. and i made a few little yarn tassels and place them unevenly throughout (i might end up redoing mine though- i think i made them too thick so they look a little spider-y).