Victoria Beach Engagement Session / Lindsay + Derek

Southern California Weathermen have the BEST senses of humor. They absolutely love to pull the 'it's going to rain card' when they know that most likely it'll just sprinkle for an hour and then clear up and be beautiful out. I have had so many sessions lately where we have been teetering on is it or is it not going to rain. It really never does and usually clears up to beautiful blue skies with white fluffy clouds. I guess those weathermen just get bored with saying, 'Yep, it's another beautiful day in Southern California," and like to mix it up. Luckily I have learned to never cancel and always just go with it. 

For Lindsay and Derek's engagement session at Victoria beach in Laguna it was supposed to rain but then we had the prettiest light of all time. I always tell people you can make any light work and be beautiful, but I have to admit that this day kind of wins for being the most gorgeous bright light. I can't wait for their June wedding!!!